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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning,

I hope that everyone was okay with the work yesterday.  Please email me on Purple Mash if you need anything.


Next Steps work: Write out and test yourself on your 7x and 12x tables




LO: To interpret data presented in a bar chart

Today you are going to continue to apply your understanding of bar charts and data.

Choose your level (A = bronze, B = silver, C = gold)

For each question think carefully about what the question is asking, and whether it is one step or more.

When you have finished, mark your work.  Remember that for any you get wrong, you need to go back and work out why.

LO: To develop subject specific vocabulary

For English, we are going to be looking at improving the words and vocabulary that we use.  This will help when you are writing your non-chronological report in the future.


Click on the link and watch the video.  The teacher will stop you when you need to complete a task.


Guided Reading:

LO: To retrieve information

Read the text and complete the answers.  There are different levels to choose from.  When you finish, check your answers and complete any corrections.  Make sure that you go back to the text to work out why you went wrong.


LO: To show understanding of what being in a community means.

Re-read the story that we read together in RE,  Answer the questions that we discussed together in your books:

KEY QUESTIONS                        

Q  What do you think happened next in the story?

Q  Why was the Castleford estate a happy place to live?

Q  Why do you think Sister Christine helped the Castleford community?

Q  What do you think is meant by the word community?

Q  What are the advantages of being part of a community?

 Q  What are the demands of being part of a community?

Q  What do you think could cause the breakdown of a community?

Q  What helps to build up community?