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Wednesday 6th January


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on apostrophes for contraction. Talk to your grown up about why there are apostrophes in the words. Which 2 smaller words are squeezed together? Where it asks to write your answers on a whiteboard, write them in your book instead.

Main Activity

Wednesday 6th January

L.O: To identify and discuss new vocabulary.

Read the story 'Bob and the Moon Tree Mystery.' Talk about it with your grown up. Put the heading 'Glossary' in your book. Look back through the story and find five interesting words.  Make a list of them in your book, then predict with your grown up what you think they mean. After that, look up the meaning on the internet and write the meaning (definition) next to each word.


Put your interesting words in alphabetical order when you are writing them in your book.


Mental Maths Starter:

Play the odd and even numbers game below. There are different levels to challenge you. Don’t forget which digit we look at to help us recognise whether it’s an odd or even number.


Main activity.


L.O: To solve problems involving the passage of time.

To finish off our work on time, we will look at the passage of time and try to answer some word problems.

Play the interactive quiz below and talk to your grown up about the passage of time.


Then have a go at some of the word problems. Mild-easiest. Spicy- trickier. Hot - even more tricky. Copy these into your book and talk to your grown up about how you worked the out. 


Our new topic in RE is local church-community. The focus for Year 2 is books and we will be looking at how books are used in the church community.

This week we will be exploring how we use books and look at the different kinds of books we have in school and at home.

Wednesday 6th  January

L.O: To explore different books used at home and at school.

Go on a hunt around your house and find as many different types of book as possible or try and think of lots of different types of book. Talk to your grown up about them and answer these questions:-

  1. What types of books are there at home and at school?
  2. What uses do books have?  (e.g. a timetable, telephone directory, text books, photo albums etc.)
  3. How do these books differ?
  4. What books do you like and why?
  5. What would a world without books be like?


Copy the date and l.o and then draw and label different kinds of book you have found or thought of. In the middle, draw a picture of your favourite book. Write some sentences to explain what your favourite book is about and why you like it.