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Wednesday 6th January

Maths - Write your date and L.O., then have a go at the time problems below. 



L.O.: To complete time problems


Extra Challenge: Keep practising reading analogue times throughout the day (to the nearest minute if possible). How many analogue clocks can you find at home? 



English: For the rest of this week, we will focus on our grammar, punctuation and spelling, before starting a new unit on Monday. Write the date and L.O. in your book, then follow the activity and lesson link below.


Wednesday 6th January

L.O.: To explore compound sentences


Warm up: Can you remember what verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs are? View the posters below to remind you, then list 5 new examples of each in your books.



Science - Write the long date and the L.O. before starting. Your new science topic this half term is 'Forces'. Do you already know anything about forces? 


L.O.: To understand what forces are

Watch this video and answer all the questions in your book.

1. In your own words, write down the meanings of these words:




Water resistance





Contact force

2. Write down three things forces can do to an object.

3. Fill this chart in your book.

What has happened

Which force?

Why do you think it was that force?

Jenna fell over and scraped the skin on her knee. Which force acted on her knee?


Because the force was caused by the floor and her knee rubbing against each other.

When Julia’s ball fell into a pond she noticed it did not sink. Which force pushes upwards from the water?



Maryam placed a new fridge magnet onto the side of the fridge and it stayed stuck to the side. Which force keeps it sticking to the fridge?



Thomas has toy soldiers and he noticed that the one with a parachute falls slowly to the ground when he drops them from the top of the stairs while the others fall quickly. Which force slows it down?





Remember to practise your homework and have a look at the activity I've set for you on Purple Mash too! After you have completed your 15 minutes of daily reading, write 3 simple sentences about what you have read.