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Wednesday 7th October



We are halfway through the week!


Today we are going to be completing Spelling, Maths, Guided Reading, English, Art and RE activities.


Spelling: ask an adult to test you on this week's words.  For any that you get wrong, practise them using our spelling methods that we use in class.


English: LO: To answer in character

Using the questions that you asked the characters yesterday: Lila, Lalchand, Chulak and Hamlet, you are going to answer the questions as that character.  When you answer, think about what you know about the character from reading the beginning of the story.


Lila: why were you so horrified when your dad suggested that you should get married?

Lila: "I don't want to get married.  I want to become a Firework Maker!  I have been watching my dad make fireworks since I was in the cradle.  I learnt how to make simple fireworks when I was small and as I have grown older, I have made and created my own more complicated ones.  I don't want to get married - I want to achieve my dreams!"


Maths: LO: To apply understanding of  Place Value to solve fluency and reasoning calculations.

Complete the calculations.  Remember to think and apply what you know about Place Value.  Think of the working wall in class to help with this.


Guided Reading: Purple Mash - Serial Mash - Emeralds - Undercover Zoo

Read chapter 6 and complete the quiz, Ants and the Undercover Zoo review.


RE: LO: To recognise the importance of Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish faith.

if you have had your Holy Communion, it may help you to think how you prepared for it and how you felt on the day, when answering the questions and completing the task.




Answer the key questions and complete the task.


Key Questions:

What would you find best about preparing for a Bar and Bat Mitzvah?

What would be difficult?

How do you think a young person would live after their Bar and Bat Mitzvah?



Write a diary entry as a Jewish young person.  You are going to talk about what you have done to prepare for today -  the day of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Talk about how you feel.  Do you feel happy?  Do you feel nervous? Maybe you feel a mixture of both.  Remember to explain why you feel like you do.


Art: Design and create a Bar/Bat Mitzvah card to send to a Jewish friend to celebrate their special day.


TTRockstars: practise getting faster on your times tables ready for when we return to school next week.