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Wednesday 9th June

Hi everyone,


I hope that you are all okay and managing, remember you can email me on Purple Mash.  Also well done to those children who have already sent me pictures of your work! I'm impressed!




Next Steps: if you haven't had time to complete both afternoon lessons yesterday, then complete these.

If you managed to complete everything, then please write out the homework spelling words for this week using our No Nonsense Spelling methods.  You don't need to do every method for each spelling.  You may choose to do one method for each spelling, or focus on those spellings that you find trickier and use a few methods for these words.  The spelling words for this half term are in the homework folder on our class page.



If you watch the video and answer the questions explaining what is the same and what is different, and what you might be doing at each time.  Then, complete the independent task.  If you are struggling to watch the video or you feel confident with this LO, you can go through the Power Point slides and complete the task which I have put on separately.


EXT: write some digital times and draw matching analogue clock faces for things that you might do at different points in the day.  For example: wake up, eat breakfast, go out to break (at school), have dinner, go home (from school), start and end activities that you may do (for example: rugby, swimming, football, music lessons).  They don't have to be things that you do on the same day or every day.

LO: To describe visualisations and thoughts


English: we are going to be starting a new unit for English and need to complete a cold write.  To help prepare for this I want you to make notes about an imaginary journey that you might go on.  Think about your senses and things that you may: hear, see, taste, touch and smell on the way. Write notes about this using bullet points.  The more thought that you give to this, the more helpful it will be for your cold write. I've attached a senses sheet to help with this if you rather print it on and write on it, but you can write it as sub-headings straight into your book.

Guided Reading

LO: To retrieve information


Choose your level, but try to challenge yourself with the level that you pick.  For any corrections, go back to the text to work out why you got it wrong.


LO: To create a Roman Mosaic

Following on from your collage artwork that you have done in school with Ms Patel, I would like you to complete a mosaic picture of your design.  If you go through the Power Point slides first, to remind you about Roman Mosaics. I have attached some template sheets which you could print off if you have a printer to use. If not, you can still think how you could use them to help you design and complete your picture, using squares.