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Week Beginning 11.1.21

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready to start week 2! Here are your tasks for the whole week. Every day you should be completing one lesson from each of the sections below ('English', 'Maths' and 'Other Subjects'). Please choose one piece of English and one piece of Maths and send photographs of your work to me using 2Email each week, along with submitting your Purple Mash 2Do task, so I can see how you are getting on. Remember, there are some extra activities for you to complete each week too:

- Practise your handwriting (see the letter formation strips under the 'English' section on our class page).

- Look at your weekly homework tasks and complete a test on Thursday.

- Read as much as possible - there are some texts on Purple Mash if you are running out. 

- Try some website games (see the links under the 'English' and 'Maths' sections on our class page).

- When you complete your Purple Mash 2Do, search for other activities on there too for all subjects and topics. 

- Practise key word spellings found under the 'English' section on our class page. 


Keep up the hard work everyone! You are doing a great job! smiley