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Week beginning 15th June 2020

Hello again everyone,


I hope you are all keeping safe and well.


I have added work for you for this week. Once again there are English and Maths tasks each day. In English there is a new unit this week with a World War 2 theme, and your Guided reading on Purple Mash is linked to this also. In Maths we continue to complete work from Oak National, I hope that you enjoy this week’s lessons.


Don’t forget your RE and Science tasks which are on the website and remember your Science project is for the whole term, so keep building up and adding to this. There is also a Geography project grid that has tasks for you to complete, based on Blackpool. Try and have a go at activities from the different columns.


Don’t forget to check your emails on Purple Mash. From the Purple Mash Home page go to:

- Computing – 2Email – 2Email


Remember if you need anything at all or need to contact me or Mr Smart; don't forget you can email us this way through Purple Mash which a few of you have been doing.  If you have completed any work as a word document this can be attached to your emails on Purple Mash so that we can see it – maybe choose your favourite piece of work you have done and send it to us. Thank you to everyone who has been doing this, it has been lovely to see your work, we have added yur work to the web page. You can also email a selfie of yourself, or photographs of some of the work you have completed at home by sending an email to the school office:


Take care, keep safe and keep smiling,


Miss Proctor and Mr Smart

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Additional (optional) English Tasks: