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Week beginning Monday 1st February

Hi Haydock Class,

I hope you are all okay and trying your best with our online work. I have loved hearing from you and seeing all the great work you have done so far. Remember to send me one piece of English, one piece of maths and one topic work (this can be purple mash) by the end of Friday.

Purple Mash

I have set you a maths to-do this week on Purple Mash, as it links to our work on data handling in maths. It is an activity on block graphs. Click on the block graph icon at the top. Fill in the table on the left hand side. You can choose the category- colours, fruit, pets, football teams (whatever you want) etc. Type the items in the table- e.g apples, oranges, bananas then type a number next to the item, e.g apples- 5. A block diagram will appear as you add each item.


I have also set the first chapter of our new reading book 'Daisy and the Memory box' and a missing words activity. Remember in Y2 now, when we are reading, we are focusing on more than just reading the words on the page. We are trying to read with more expression and intonation (making your voice go up and down in the right places. Make sure you read the chapter out loud to your grown up, so that they can help you with the expression. Also, we have been thinking about inference- that means trying to work out why characters say and do things in the story and how they might be feeling and why things might be happening. As you are reading, try and think about how Daisy might be feeling and why.


This week are concentrating on silent letters- words beginning with kn, gn and wr. These are part of your GPS starters throughout the week.

Mental Health Week

This week is mental health week and if we had been in school, we would have had an assembly on mental health and well-being. I have attached a powerpoint and notes/activities sheet for you to look at and talk about together.