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Week Commencing Monday 18th May 2020

Weekly Overview

Week Commencing 18.5.20


Well everybody, I know you are all eager to know....did Mr Hall win at BINGO? Well the answer to that would be NO! However, Mrs Hall won again.... TWICE! (I'm sure she's been switching our tickets!)


Things are looking like they are moving forward in regards to coming back to school but I just wanted to let you know there will be a letter sent out this week (WC 18.5.20) letting you and your family know what is happening at school. 


This week's work is slightly different so please make sure you read below to find out the changes. If you have any questions, please just ask.


Remember if you need me for anything just send me an email on PurpleMash! I hope you are all OK!


Look after yourselves!


Mr Hall


Week Commencing 18.5.20

Morning Maths (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Morning Grammar Work (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Daily Reading- School book or a book of your choice (Suggestion-10-15 minutes per day)



IMPORTANT- I do not expect you to complete all the questions on the math's work every day as some of the questions are very similar and some have a lot of questions. I will suggest questions for you to complete on each section. If you wish to complete more, then do so. There is also a Youtube link at the top of the page to help if needed.


Monday: Equivalent Fractions. Question 1 (a) - (f) Question 2 (a) - (f)

'APPLY SECTION' - any 3 questions

Tuesday: Key equivalents Questions 1-6 (a) - (c)

'APPLY SECTION'-any 3 questions

Wednesday & Thursday: Fractions, Decimals and Percentages (same file for both days)

Wednesday: Page 1 Questions 1-6 (a) - (c)

Thursday: Page 2 Question 6-8 (a) - (d)

Friday: Number of the Week



This week's English work differs from previous weeks. This week I have sent whole unit of work based around the Titanic. It is split up in to daily activities for you to complete. Although it says 'Year 5' on the document, it is something which is being used across all of Upper Key Stage Classes. I have included some extension tasks if you finish the work on the Titanic and wish to complete any further activities. Any problems, please email me on Purple Mash.


Science: Electricity


Spellings: Spelling sheet on class page with full list of spellings.

Spelling Quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2do and must be completed on Friday. From now on, all Purple Mash Spelling Quizzes will be set as a 2do for Fridays.


Further subjects and information:


History: There is a history 'Victorian Knowledge Organiser' and ' Victorian Project Sheet in 'Further Subjects'/History. Give some of the projects a go!!

PE: There are weekly tasks provided by Lancashire School Games focusing on: Move, Learn, Challenge and Play. I have included a new document with Youtube video links of short exercises from our South Ribble Sports Coaches.

Time Capsule:

There is a Time Capsule form on our class page that you may wish to complete!


Take care!!!


Mr Hall