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Week Commencing Monday 27th April 2020

Weekly Overview

Week Commencing 27.4.20


Hello everybody! Well, here we are- another week of Home Learning! I have really enjoyed seeing some of your work you have completed but I would love to see more!! Remember, you can send it to the office or to me on PurpleMash!!


I hope that you are all keeping well and you are managing to enjoy some of this beautiful weather (obviously following Government Guidelines!!!). I'm sure that we will all be back to school very soon and we can be back together in the classroom. Until that time comes, it is very important for you to stay safe, look after yourselves and your family and most importantly be happy.


Week Commencing 27.4.20

Morning Maths (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Morning Grammar Work (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Daily Reading- School book or a book of your choice (Suggestion-10-15 minutes per day)


Maths: Length, distance, height; Capacity; mass; time; timetables



Monday: Non-Chronological Report of a Deadly Creature

Tuesday: Are you the new David Attenborough? To create a voice-over for Planet Earth.

Wednesday: Synonyms and Antonyms

Thursday: Reading- The Holiday

Friday: Create Top Trump cards of deadly creatures around the world!


Science: Microorganisms investigation. This requires you investigate over a 7 period and therefore may be better starting on Monday this week.


Art: To create your very own Deadly Creature.


Spellings: Spelling sheet on class page with full list of spellings.

Spelling Quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2do and must be completed on Friday. From now on, all Purple Mash Spelling Quizzes will be set as a 2do for Fridays.


Further subjects and information:

Maths:I have also included a link in your maths area to help you if you are a little stuck on any of the maths topics-most of our topics will be covered on here but some may not be. Once on the website, if you click on the topic you need help with (e.g. Percentages) it will take you to similar questions and Youtube videos giving explanations of how to work it out. They may not be the exact questions you have but the methods and the processes should still help.

History: There is a history 'Victorian Knowledge Organiser' and ' Victorian Project Sheet in 'Further Subjects'/History. Give some of the projects a go!!

PE: There are weekly tasks provided by Lancashire School Games focusing on: Move, Learn, Challenge and Play.

Time Capsule:

There is a Time Capsule form on our class page that you may wish to complete!


Take care!!!


Mr Hall