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Week Commencing Monday 11th May

It's a new week already Southworth Class!!

How is it the 11th May? Mr Conway and I are missing you all so much... We can't wait to get back to school and see you!! 


How did you all find the SPaG last week? I didn't receive any comments back about it so I just want to make sure you were all ok with it? I will upload it again for this week for you to have a go at.  (Also I asked a challenge question in with it regarding the Legend of Gelert- see if you can spot it)


I have sent 2Dos for the rest of the chapters of Rumplestiltskin for reading on Purple Mash! Well done those of you who have handed the first ones back in to me.


Well done to those of you sending me in photographs on Class Dojo of the Victorian projects and the Science tasks! I particularly liked Ruby A's Aardvark. I had forgotten how beautiful your handwriting is too so well done keeping that up. Caitlin-Mae sent in a great Victorian newspaper article, with a rap that didn't half make me smile! I will take some screenshots and share them on the selfie page! Becca made a Victorian hat too which was very impressive. Cieran has been rocking HUFFLEPUFF merchandise which I am thoroughly appreciating blush I want to come back to school and sit in the hat Milly S made and take the register and hear, "Good morning Hufflepuff QT." 


I know you will all be keeping safe and supporting our NHS! So well done- remember, you all are heroes heart and I clap for you all on a Thursday!


As ever, if you need any help with anything, email me on Dojo or Purple Mash, and if you just want to chat, I'll be here.


Have a great week and take care xlaugh