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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Week Commencing Monday 1st June

Welcome back Southworth class to the final half term of this academic year! 


I really hope you all had a wonderful week in the sunshine. We have been very fortunate the weather has been so nice. If you have done anything particularly special you would like to share with us all, like we would have done in class, please tell me all about it! Pictures would be great too and we can pretend it is like one of our "Show and Tell" times. Really missing hearing your wonderful stories. 


You will be continuing our Science topic on ‘Electricity’, with also a new Science project about a famous scientist. You have the whole term to complete the Science project so don’t worry about getting that done in just one week, you can build this up and add to it. We are looking forward to seeing your finished projects!


We are starting a new RE unit this half term. I hope you enjoyed learning about Islam and Eid before we broke up. I am putting all of the RE work together for this half term so I have created a tab called 'RE' on the 'Daily Activities' page rather than with all of this so you can have a go at the activities at your own pace. I have also done the same for PE and Topic so if you go back to the previous page you will see the other subjects under the subheading 'Summer 2'. There is a new Geography project to focus on now we have finished The Victorians.


Please also have a go at the 2Dos I have set you on Purple Mash. Well done for those already handed in and completed yes


As always, if there is anything you need please email me on Purple Mash or contact me on Class Dojo. 


Take care and have a fabulous week!!