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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Week Commencing Monday 30th March

Happy Monday!

As I would write in class, it is practically Friday wink


As last week, I have set 2Dos on Purple Mash for you to complete. I have not put a specific hand-in date because I am aware that there are lots for you to be getting on with already. I do however set the Reading on Purple Mash so could you please complete those 2Dos as a priority first please? 


Just to remind you, there are lots of other activities you can be getting involved in if you would like to under the tab "Further Subject Activities". I have uploaded the statutory spellings for years 3 & 4 and years 5 & 6 under "Additional Resources". If you could please use the methods we have learnt in class spelling lessons to try and remember these! Choose your own ten to work on for the week and have a family member test you on them on a Friday if this would help you! I have uploaded "100 things to do indoors" for you to have a go at as well if you are fed up! 


As ever, have a fantastic week and please try and enjoy yourselves.


This won't be forever and just remember how much I am missing you.heart


P.S. Some things to keep you smiling... laugh


1. What is this day?

2. Legs long and limber.

3. Someone's knocking at the door... somebody's ringing the bell.

4. Clapping the register monitor in the mornings.

5. Lying down on the floor when the penny dropped finally in maths!

6. Hiding in a ball on the beanbag in the corner.

7. QT ... Hufflepuff QT (Which has reminded me to say to take this opportunity to go onto Pottermore and find out what house you're in!)

8. The amazing Harry Potter hat!! (I miss that hat; I wish I had brought it home crying)

9. Our hilarious voting system where my vote counts for 10 so I always win.

10. Mr Conway being his usual fun self!! (He is also missing you all so very much!!!)


If you can think of any more fun things you remember on a day-to-day basis in class send me them on Purple Mash to make me smile cheeky and try and send in a home learning photo I can upload onto the website so we can all feel a little bit more connected. Emmie also says, "Hey." She is being a little diamond at home with me and Poppy and completing all of her work from her school too!