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Week Commencing Monday 4th May 2020

Weekly Overview

Week Commencing 4.5.20


Hello everybody! I hope you are all OK! Last week, Boris Johnson announced that he is going to be putting together a plan for schools to return. When that might be, I'm not sure but hopefully it will be soon and we will all be back together to finish our final term in Year 6. (As much as some of you might not want to admit it, I'm sure that you are missing school really!!). 


Look after yourselves!


Mr Hall


Week Commencing 4.5.20

Morning Maths (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Morning Grammar Work (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Daily Reading- School book or a book of your choice (Suggestion-10-15 minutes per day)


Maths: Handling money, Money calculations, 2D shapes, Money, number of the week.



Monday: Read information about VE day and WWII

Tuesday: Choose one of the activities to complete about VE day/WWII

Wednesday: Standard English

Thursday: Reading- The Telephone Box

Friday: Create a propaganda poster


Science: Microorganisms investigation. 


Spellings: Spelling sheet on class page with full list of spellings.

Spelling Quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2do and must be completed on Friday. From now on, all Purple Mash Spelling Quizzes will be set as a 2do for Fridays.


Further subjects and information:

Maths:I have also included a link in your maths area to help you if you are a little stuck on any of the maths topics-most of our topics will be covered on here but some may not be. Once on the website, if you click on the topic you need help with (e.g. Percentages) it will take you to similar questions and Youtube videos giving explanations of how to work it out. They may not be the exact questions you have but the methods and the processes should still help.

History: There is a history 'Victorian Knowledge Organiser' and ' Victorian Project Sheet in 'Further Subjects'/History. Give some of the projects a go!!

PE: There are weekly tasks provided by Lancashire School Games focusing on: Move, Learn, Challenge and Play.

Time Capsule:

There is a Time Capsule form on our class page that you may wish to complete!


Take care!!!


Mr Hall