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Week Commencing Monday 8th June 2020

Weekly Overview

Week Commencing 8.6.20


Hello everybody, how are you all??? I've had a few messages from people on PurpleMash but it would be nice to hear from more of you and what you have been doing!! smiley

 have had a few responses about the 'Online Maths' and people have said they have enjoyed it so I will continue with that again this week.


Please see below for this week's learning!


I have also added a NEW reading task on Purple Mash-set as a '2Do'. It is an online short story with a few questions at the end of each chapter. There are 7 chapters in total which can be read at any point throughout the week. This week's story is called, 'The Night the Diamonds Fell'.


Remember if you need me for anything just send me an email on PurpleMash! I hope you are all OK!


Look after yourselves!


Mr Hall


Week Commencing 8.6. 20

Morning Maths (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Morning Grammar Work (Suggestion-10 questions per day)

Daily Reading- School book or a book of your choice (Suggestion-10-15 minutes per day)



Some classes having been completing interactive maths lessons on a website, 'Oak National Academy' and the children in those classes have said they have enjoyed them so I thought we'd give it a go this week too. You can follow the instructions for the website or click the daily links for your work. Let me know what you think!



This week's English unit is on 'Hygiene, Health and Heroes'.

Reading- Online story on Purple Mash- 'The Night the Diamonds Fell'.


Science: Electricity

Science: Summer 2 Project on a famous Scientist. This does not have to be completed this week but something you can do over the term.


Updated 9.6.20: NEW

Topic: This term our topic is 'Oh! I do like to be beside the Seaside!' In this topic we look at a local seaside resort/location. Please look in 'Further Subjects' for the Geography Activity Grid. Try and complete some of the activities in different rows and columns. This is similar to the Victorian Activity Grid.


Spellings: Spelling sheet on class page with full list of spellings.

Spelling Quiz on Purple Mash set as a 2do and must be completed on Friday. From now on, all Purple Mash Spelling Quizzes will be set as a 2do for Fridays.