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Weekly Homework



  1. Daily reading for 15 minutes. You can read books of your choice as well as your home readers but remember to sign your diaries and number your reads so we can reward you! You'll receive a reward after every 25 reads and a free book when you reach 150! Each book read from in a day will count as a read.
  2. Weekly spellings - Click on your team to see your weekly spellings. Copy them out into your book to help learn them and practise writing them in a sentence to check that you understand their meaning. The spellings link to your lessons in school and consist of the sound or pattern of the week, along with some key word spellings. Remember, you could be creative and make posters and rhymes to help remember how to spell a word. We'll gradually increase the number of spellings you have each week, reaching 15 by the end of Year 3.
  3. Weekly times tables - Click on your team to see which times table you are working on each week. You can copy them out into your homework book, make flash cards, try some of the suggested website games (especially TT Rockstars) or recall them verbally.


You have been given a homework book to complete your spelling and times tables tasks in. You don't need to hand your homework book in but reading records will be checked weekly and you will be tested on your weekly spellings and times tables every Friday. Your homework book has been labelled with your team colour (see inside cover). smiley

If you would like additional activities, search Marsden page for extra spellings, worksheets and fun websites where you can practise key skills.