Design and Technology

Subject Leader – Mrs Venables

At St Mary’s and St. Benedict’s, we recognise Design and Technology to be a key part of our day to day lives and it is therefore important that our children are taught how this subject is a vital feature in our world. At our School, children are encouraged to think creatively in order to solve problems in real world contexts. The teaching of Design and Technology in our school supports children to identify needs and opportunities, giving them the chance to develop their own ideas with a clear purpose.

Our Curriculum

In KS1 we explore:

simple mechanisms (sliders & levers; wheels & axles)
food technology

In KS2 we explore:

mechanical systems (levers & linkages; pulleys & gears)
electrical systems
textiles (2-D & 3-D products)
food technology
how key events and individuals in D&T have helped shape our world.

The Foundation Stage

Within our school, strong links are made between the key features of Design and Technology and the broad development objectives of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). ‘Expressive Arts and Design’ (EAaD) opportunities provide children with the key skills to develop their own ideas and plan their own procedures.

In the EYFS, children are encouraged to ask questions about how things work, investigate and use a variety of construction kits, materials and tools. Opportunities are given for children to develop their independent design, construction and discussion skills, and they are supported to handle appropriate tools and materials safely, and with increasing control.

Areas of Learning

All Design and Technology units follow a 'design, make and evaluate' principle, allowing children to fully experience every aspect of learning within the subject and putting them and their ideas at the very heart of their learning.

Design: Children develop their understanding of how research and design contribute to innovative, functional products through discussion and annotated sketches

Make: Children are encouraged to select and use a wide range of tools, materials, textiles and ingredients for cutting, shaping, joining and finishing

Evaluate: Children investigate and analyse their own and existing products against a set criteria

The 'design, make and evaluate' principle is applied to structural and mechanical design, textiles, coding and cooking and nutrition:

Technical knowledge: Children develop their understanding of structural design, mechanical systems, electrical systems and computer programming to monitor and control their products

Cooking & Nutrition: Children are taught to understand and apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare and cook a variety of dishes using a range of cooking techniques.  They begin to understand how food is grown seasonally and know where and how a variety of ingredients are grown, reared, caught and processed.

British Science Week

Each year we celebrate British Science Week and last year our theme was ‘Our Diverse Planet’. We combine our Science week with Design and Technology and challenge students to investigate the theme through a homework competition. Each key stage had a focus on a different topic including; similarities and differences, floating and sinking, taste and Antarctica. Across the school, the children investigated, designed, compared and discussed. We had a brilliant week!

Useful Websites

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