Purple Mash

We use Purple Mash to support the teaching of the Computing curriculum throughout the school year. Each child from Year 1 to Year 6 has their own password and login to their individual account, which they can access at school or at home. As Purple Mash is online, children can continue their learning anywhere and anytime.

Purple Mash hosts an exciting mix of curriculum focused activities, creative tools, programs and games to support and inspire creative learning every day. Our children enjoy using Purple Mash tools such as; publishing, story creation, game design, concept mapping, collaborative writing and art.

Purple Mash is also cross curricular with a range of Maths, English, Science, Geography, History, Design & Technology and Art tools and resources.

Remote Learning with Purple Mash

During Remote Learning, children can use Purple Mash to support their learning at home. Computing and digital skills are continuing to be embedded across both KS1 and KS2.

Teachers can set 2dos and children complete tasks, allowing Teachers the opportunity to provide instant feedback. Furthermore, children across the school can communicate with their class teacher using 2email, allowing them to hand in their home learning to be marked.

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