Our School Charter

School Charter Graphic.png

Our staff:

  • We meet and greet
  • We give positive praise first
  • We use calm adult responses
  • We listen, follow up and restore

Our Recognition and Rewards:

  • Dojos (linked to House Points)
  • Positive stepped classroom behaviour displays
  • Praise Assembly
  • Positive praise parental contact

Relentless Routines:

1. We wear full school uniform to be ready for our school day and to learn

2. We walk sensibly and quietly around school respecting our school environment

3. We follow instructions first time

4. We allow teachers to teach and learners to learn

5. We are kind and respectful to everyone

Be Safe

Our school is a safe place to be. We understand that we need to make choices which keep us, and those around us, safe.

‘I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will give you counsel and watch over you’. Psalm 32:8


? Share my worries and concerns with an adult

? Stay safe online by following the school guidelines

? Stay safe inside school, in the school grounds and in our school community

? Walk quietly inside the building and when moving around school

? Use equipment in the way it is meant to be used

? Use all areas of school safely and appropriately

Be a Learner

Our school is a place to learn and to be the best that we can be. We make the choice to be ready to learn and to allow others to learn.

 ‘Wise people are always learning, always listening for fresh insights’ Proverbs 18:15


? Show ‘active listening’ when the teacher is teaching

? Try my best to be resilient and never give up

 ? Be an independent learner my using the 3 learning B’s: backtrack, bits and bobs and buddy.

? Follow instructions first time

 ? Challenge myself in all I do


Be respectful

? Use kind hands, feet and words

 ? Listen carefully to others

 ? Show respect to everyone

? Think before I speak out

? Be considerate of others and how they may feel

 ? Respect my environment and school property