Our children are enjoying using White Rose Maths in class and we are pleased to tell you that an app has been released which comes highly recommended.  It consists of one minute challenges and games which can be used to support your child's maths development.  Please follow the link to download the app.

Homework in Benedict Class:

  1. Daily reading for 15 minutes. You can read books of your choice as well as your home readers but remember to sign your diaries and number your reads so we can reward you! You'll receive a reward after every 25 reads and a free book when you reach 150! Each book read from in a day will count as a read.
  2. Weekly spellings – Copy the words out onto your worksheet to help learn them and practise writing them in a sentence to check that you understand their meaning. The spellings link to your phonics lessons in school and consist of the sound or pattern of the week, along with some key word spellings. Remember, you could be creative and make posters and rhymes to help remember how to spell a word. 

Thank you for your continued support to help your child be the best that they can be.

Mrs Bancroft

Here is a list of useful websites to help support your child's learning at home: