Barlow Class - Pre-School: Gallery

Elmer Day!, by Miss Fann

Date: 5th Jun 2024 @ 2:24pm

The children in Barlow and Beesley had a fantastic day celebrating Elmer Day. The children enjoyed taking part in a range of different activities including making their own Elmers out of milk bottles, peg board Elmers, larger scale Elmers, Elmer jigsaws, rainbows using oil pastels and creating their own Elmer ears. Throughout the week the children read lots of different Elmer stories. 

Pre-school have been learning all about shapes, by Miss Fann

Date: 28th Apr 2024 @ 10:38am

This week the children in Barlow Class have been exploring shapes. The children have explored holding shapes and used shapes to create their own pictures. 

Barlow Class visit Smithills Farm, by Miss Fann

Date: 28th Apr 2024 @ 10:22am

EYFS visited Smithills Farm on Wednesday 27th March 2024. The children took part in a range of activities including; a donkey ride, a tractor and trailor ride to see and feed the horses and donkeys, watching the cows being milked, feeding the animals and the opportunitiy to hold some new born animals including chicks, guinea pigs, lambs, rabbits and stroke other animals such as as an alpaca, a lamb and a goat. The children had a great time and listened well to Farmer Carl and our guides Gabby and Emma. We had a fantastic day!

The arrival of frogspawn in EYFS!, by Miss Fann

Date: 27th Feb 2024 @ 8:23am

The children in Barlow and Beesley class had a nice surprise when they arrived at school yesterday- the arrival of some frogspawn! The children are very excited about having them and so far have enjoyed observing the frogspawn in the tank. We have been talking about the different stages of the life cycle of a frog and went to our school library to find lots of books about frogs for us to look at. Some children have noticed some tails growing and moving already. We can't wait to see some more changes over the next few weeks...

Autumn 2 2023, by Mrs Butterworth

Date: 9th Nov 2023 @ 3:54pm

Seasonal Celebrations 

This term the Pre-School children have started to look at the seasonal changes from Summer to Autumn. The children have explored different leaves, fir cones, conkers and acorns then looked at pumpkins. The pumpkins were made into bird feeders and placed in the science garden and the forest school area.