Ward - Year 5/6: Gallery

Football Success!, by Mr Ballard

Date: 21st Oct 2023 @ 3:14pm

Our team won the Skeet Cup - so-called after a passionate P.E. lead from St Patrick's Catholic Primary School.

HUGE thanks to the children, Marcus and Chris (our fabulous P.E. coaches), parents/carers for taking them & to Mrs Liz Hindley & her team at St Patrick's.

A celebration of what's great about primary education: inclusion, enjoyment and teamwork. "The football team were superb." remarked a parent. We can't ask for more than that! 


Y6 trip to London - October 2023, by Mr Ballard

Date: 7th Oct 2023 @ 6:02pm


Members of Eco Club, by Mr Ballard

Date: 28th Sep 2023 @ 2:43pm